artist: V/A
title: Broken Memory
reference number: BDMLP32
format: compilation
release date: 2017-09-24

After "Pistes Noires (de préférence)", we swore that we would never make another tribute compilation... But yet there was still a legendary group that is also close to our hearts. Who better than BOREDOMproduct could pay tribute to this hidden treasure of french electronic music: Martin Dupont? Our tribute to this pioneer electronic band from Marseille, includes tracks from Dekad, Neutral Lies, Celluloide, Happiness Project, Auto-Immune, The Rorschach Garden, TourdeForce, Makina GirGir and more... A very special LP edition is now available for preorder! Don't miss it!
Available in limited version with audio cassette (bonus tracks)

Limited edition