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Broken memory: a tribute to martin dupont now in pre-order

Our 11-track tribute to this pioneer electronic band from Marseille includes tracks from Dekad, Neutral Lies, Celluloide, Happiness Project, Auto-Immune, The Rorschach Garden, TourdeForce, Makina GirGir, Cyborgdrive, Müller Denscheidt and Sweater With A Hood

A special LP edition is now available for preorder.

And there's more:

A limited VINTAGE PACK edition with an 8-track bonus cassette is also available, including additional covers by Opera Multi Steel, Tiramist, Le Cliché, Solemn Meant Walks, Edw+Marika Divita, The Grilled Chicken Legs Brittanny Style, Oberkorn and Culcultura

Don't miss it! more info...

[01/06/2017 | 16h57 ]

Broken memory: a tribute to martin dupont is coming soon

After "Pistes Noires (de préférence)", we swore that we would never make another tribute compilation...

But yet there was still a legendary group that is also close to our hearts. Who better than BOREDOMproduct could pay tribute to this hidden treasure of french electronic music?

Our tribute to pioneer electronic band from Marseille Martin Dupont is coming soon, and it already has a name: Broken Memory. Very special and collector's editions will soon be available for preorder! Be ready!

[15/05/2017 | 13h04 ]

Foretaste : Last days to vote and preorder at special price

On monday we will close the votes and stop pre-orders at special price! So if you want to make your favourite remix get into the tracklist, don't wait too much... and if you want to get the new Foretaste release Alter Egoes at a nice price, it's now, or you'll have to wait for July 14! more info...

[12/05/2017 | 10h13 ]

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