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Celluloide : New video clip for l'amour est clair

Celluloide has just released a new video clip for a remixed version of L'Amour Est Clair. This "version suresposée" is taken from the limited edition (extended) mini-album L'Amour Est Géométrique. more info...

[19/04/2018 | 15h23 ]

Celluloide : A new live video pops up

While the band is currently working on new track for a new album, a previously unreleased live video of I Stay WIth You (from the album Words Once Said) is popping out on the band's Youtube channel.

Have a look at it (and more) here. more info...

[27/03/2018 | 15h53 ]

Foretaste : Play the game in a short film

For Want of a Nail follows Marty, a young man, struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder, who attempts to live out a "perfect day".

Play The Game by Foretaste was chosen as the music theme for the film. more info...

[27/03/2018 | 15h51 ]

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Happiness Project
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