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Happiness Project
Poupée Mécanique
from the album
9th Heaven

Happiness Project
from the album
9th Heaven

Happiness project : Big cities ep, the new single and mini album by happiness project is out today!

The new Happiness Project single Big Cities is out today.

You can find two versions:

a 4 track digital single on usual platforms


6-track limited edition mini-album CD, including two exlusive tracks

CD version is available with download from our webstore and our bandcamp page (where the title track is free for download).

Note that "Mutation", Happiness Project's forthcoming album, will be released in september, but it's already available for preorder from our webstore.

Have a look at our Youtube channel where you will find teasers and audio previews from both the album Mutation and the Big Cities EP. more info...

[23/03/2018 | 09h35 ]

Happiness project : Download the forthcoming new single big cities for free!

Get a glimpse of Happiness Project's second album and forthcoming EP! Visit BOREDOMproduct's bandcamp page – leave your email address and download Big Cities – the first single of the upcoming Mutation album to be released this fall. more info...

[20/02/2018 | 15h00 ]

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