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Foretaste : Last days to vote and preorder at special price

On monday we will close the votes and stop pre-orders at special price! So if you want to make your favourite remix get into the tracklist, don't wait too much... and if you want to get the new Foretaste release Alter Egoes at a nice price, it's now, or you'll have to wait for July 14! more info...

[12/05/2017 | 10h13 ]

Foretaste : Foretaste: it's time to vote now !

If you want to be heard, you have until May 15 to name your favourites! After that it will be too late to complain.

Vote for your favourite Foretaste remixes to see them among the tracks of the forthcoming Foretaste CD: Alter/Egoes, the remixes selection.

Foretaste's remixes that were originally on digital singles had never been released on CD, so we have decided to make this happen, and YOU will make the tracklist!


It's easy, just click on the link below and vote for your favourite remixes:

Most popular tracks will be selected on the final CD.

Vote and pre-order this collector item, now. Special price preoders will close after the vote, so don't wait.

(Release planned for end of June 2017 - preorders will be sent out at the same time) more info...

[25/04/2017 | 14h29 ]

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